Cultural Heritage

Plovdiv Opera

Plovdiv Opera is among the leading opera ensembles in Bulgaria, featuring more than 100 performances a year in the styles of the opera, musical comedy and ballet. The first performance of the Plovdiv Opera took place in November 1953.

Plovdiv Opera is famous for its highly professional opera ensemble able to perform even most challenging artistic works. Its repertoire includes works by Puccini, Verdi, Donizetti, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Rahmaninov, Prokofiev.

Plovdiv Opera has always created unique artistic atmosphere to its guest performers – the long list of its famous guests include the conductors Arturo Basile and Georg Singer; the directors Gabriel Coret and Francesca Hierivitera; the solo performers Peter Glossop, Erich Knot, Vladimir Atlantov, Margarita Radulescu, Nikolay Giaourov, Nikolay Gyuzelev, Raina Kabaivanska, gena Dimitrova, and many more…

The artistic achievements of the Plovdiv Opera has long been internationally acknowledged at some of the most popular world opera scenes: the German Berlin Opera, the Royal Opra and the Tivoli Hall in Copenhagen, Sankt Peterburg, Brussels, Madrid.

For the last 12 years the Plovdiv Opera has traveled to 38 tours in 14 countries with more than 370 performances altogether – Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Malta, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Korea, Greece….