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The town of Smolyan is vividly scattered in the narrow gorge of the River Cherna in central Rhodope mountains. Situated 1010m above sea level, the highest town in Bulgaria, Smolyan is the administrative and cultural capital of the central and western Rhodopes. Attractively squeezed between pine-covered peaks, the modern housing estates exist along with the old traditional houses. The Art Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum exhibit specific Rhodopes motifs in historic textiles such as sacks, belts, aprons, rugs, and the unique for the Rhodopes shepherds bells - the voice of the mountains. The 1860 Pangalovs House is of great cultural interest. The seven Smolyan lakes, known as the emerald eyes of the Rhodopes, together with the forests, meadows, numerous hotels and chapels, and the lift to Snezhanka peak, as well as the proximity to one of the biggest Bulgarian winter resorts - Pamporovo, make Smolyan a desirable tourist destination

Smolyan and western Rhodo Smolyan and western Rhodo
Smolyan and western Rhodo
Smolyan and western Rhodopes.