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Archaeological sites of Thracian and Roman origin are evidence of Perushtitsa's long history as a successor to the ancient city of Dragovets and the ancient fortress of Perestitsa.

According to different historical documents,the name Perushtitsa was derived from the name of Perun, the Major God of the Slav people.

Perushtitsa was declared a historical site due to its active involvement in the April Uprising of 1876 against Turkish Ottoman yoke in Bulgaria.The Church of St.Arcangel Michail and the town museum have preserved Perushtitsa's historical and cultural heritage. Everyone visiting that beautiful town will sense the dignity and the Rhodopean spirit of the people living there...

Danov School Danov School
Danov School
Danov School" I think people in England and Europe generally have a very imperfect idea of what these Bulgarians are.I have always heard them spoken of as mere savages,who were in realitynot much more civilized than the American Indians.I was astonished,as i believe most of my readers will be,to learn that there is scarcely a Bulgarian village without its school; that these schools are,where theyhave not been burnt by Turks,in a very flourishing condition;that they are supported by a voluntary tax levied by the Bulgarians on themselves,not only without being forced to do in by the Government,but in spite of all sorts of obstacles thrown in their way by the pervesity of the Turkish autorities;than the instruction given in these schoolsis gratuitous and that all profit alike by it,poor as well as rich;that there is scarcely a Bulgarian child that cannot read and write;and,finally,that the percentage of people who can read and write is as great in Bulgaria as in England and France."                  July, 1876,  J.A.MacGahan