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Bulgarian Monuments - UNESCO

Bulgaria is a small European country but it is rich in natural diversity and historical and cultural monuments. Some of the monuments are of great importance to the world heritage and are protected by the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites Preservation Convention. There are nine sites in Bulgaria – two natural and seven cultural, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Register. The list below will acquaint you with all the seven Bulgarian cultural monuments:

Boyana Church (1), Rila Monastery (2), Thracian Tomb at Kazanlak (3), the town of Nessebar (4), Madara Horseman (5), Thracian tomb at Sveshtari (6) and Ivanovo Rock Monasteries (7).

The Rila Monastery  (2)

The Kazanlak Thracian Tomb (3).

The town of Nessebar (4).

The Boyana Churh (1).

The Madara Horseman  (5).

Ivanovo Rock Monasteries (7)

Thracian tomb at Sveshtari