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Yagodina Cave, The

The Yagodinska Cave is the “pearl in the crown” of the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated near Buynovska River, 3 km from the village of Yagodina. The cave is a part of the unique Karst of Buynovsko Gorge.
It is 10 km long, and 5 stories tall, with many labyrinths and abysses inside. Visitors enter the cave through an artificially dug opening, while the natural entrance is 30 m above.A special path through the cave offers the opportunity to see the wonderful underground world formed in the course of millions of years. Electric lights make the mysterious formations: draperies, pipe-like stalactites, cave pearls, “leopard’s skin” and hanging stalactone visible along with many others. Some of the formations inside resemble the well- known Santa Claus, Snow-White and The Seven Dwarfs, Virgin Mary and her newborn child,Pizho and Penda(2 characters from a typical Bulgarian tradition celebrated on the first of March ),The Elephant,The Crocodiles and hundreds more. The New Year’s hall is of great intеrest too. Every year the local spelaean club meets the New Year. The upper floor was well-known to ancient Eneoloithic inhabitants. The cave-dwellings are situated 10 min from the artificial entrance.
You can reach the cave following the road after the deviation of the village of Nastan and then take the road right of the village of Teshel. You can follow some tourist trails, the most known is from the village of Trigrad (2h30min).