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Town of Assenovgrad

The town of Assenovgrad (58 677 inhabitants, 180 m above sea level) is situated in the western part of the Upper Thracian Valley. It is 169 km southeast of Sofia, 19 km southeast of Plovdiv and 84 km north of Smolyan.

Assenovgrad is known as “little Jerusalem”, because of the great number of monasteries, churches and chapels in the region.

Assenovgrad is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Within its surroundings more than 100 Thracian mounds were found.
The town has a favourable geographic location. This fact explains its ancient name of Stanimaka, meaning fortified narrow place.

In 1230 Ivan Asen II fortified and expanded the Stanimakas fortress, this is the reason for the fortress be renamed to Assenova Fortress, and the town – to Assenovgrad .
The town is famous for its wine production