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<P>Chiprovtsi - location and transport accessibility:<BR>There are a lot of things that can attract the tourists’s attention. For one this is the beautiful nature, for other the history of the town and for the third one – the unique Chiprovski carpets. Nowadays the production of the carpets is still reality. The population of the town is 3100. <BR>Chiprovtsi is small town settled in the foot of the Stara planina mountain, located at the distance of about 30 km. far from Montana. Through the town flows the Ogosta river, coming from the high parts of the mountain. The Chiprovtsi waterfall is another landmark, that you should not miss. The waterfall is not big, but the place where it is located is very picturesque. The waterfall itself is very beautiful creature of the nature. <BR>Chiprovtsi is a charming small town with unique nature<BR>One of the undisputed phenomena with which Bulgaria surprises the world-the multi-colored, fantastic ornaments and figures, as well, as the impressive materials and fabrics from which the Chiprovtsi carpets are made, has attracted the attention of experts and connoisseurs from all continents. The characteristic Chiprovtsi School in carpet weaving dates as early as 1750, during which initial period the triangular figures are dominant and the four main colours: brick-coloured red, ochre,green end blue. Carpet weaving has been the main occupation of the people from Chiprovtsi for more than 250 years and the Chiprovtsi School has turned into a unique phenomenon , a benchmark of Bulgarian applied arts. During those distant times the first woven carpets were used not only by Bulgarians, but also by the Turkish army for prayer. Later on, the beautiful Chiprovtsi carpets have been exceptionally well received by connoisseurs of value and exquisiteness in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, USA and other countries.</P>