Italy to deliver a strong business performance as Partner Country at Autumn 2008

Italy to deliver a strong business performance as Partner Country at Autumn 2008

30.09.2008 10:44:42

Italy is preparing a wide-scale business presence at this year’s International Technical Fair. As Partner Country at AUTUMN 2008, Italy will support the business expansion of the Italian companies in Bulgaria, assist in identifying cooperation partners and organize events to boost business contacts.

Italy’s impressive participation in the 64th International Technical Fair, to be held on 29 September – 4 October in Plovdiv, is organized by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade in Sofia (ICE) and encompasses 315 exhibitors, nearly 10 chambers of commerce and industry and a number of prestigious business associations.

The Day of Italy at AUTUMN 2008 is scheduled on 30 September 2008. Expected at the opening ceremony of the fair are Mr. Adolfo Urso – Deputy Minister of Economic Development, H.E. Mr. Stefano Benazzo – the Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria, Dr. Massimo Mamberti – CEO and Managing Director of ICE and Mr. Fabrizio Camastra – Director of ICE in Sofia.

The Business Events Programme comprises round table discussions and seminars on the business opportunities for Italian companies in the Bulgarian infrastructure market; women’s entrepreneurship’s contribution to the creation of a modern and operative productive system; local business culture training and building of entrepreneurial networks; joint venture activities of companies, institutions and communities in the utilization of EU structural funds; Corridor No. VIII – perspectives and related projects.

These business events are scheduled on 29 – 30 September and 1 October. The events will be attended by high-ranking ministry officials and representatives of business associations. The seminar on women’s entrepreneurship’s contribution will bring together renowned businesswomen from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

Italy has become Partner Country at the International Technical Fair for its active investment and trade relations with Bulgaria in support of Bulgaria’s EU integration. Italy ranks fifth among the foreign investors in Bulgaria. Over the period 1996 – 2007, the Italian investment volume reached EUR 1.043 billion. Italy occupies the first place in Bulgaria’s trade turnover. In 2007, the bilateral trade amounted to EUR 3 billion, with an annual average growth rate of 14 %. Italy is the fourth largest economy in Europe and a member of the G8 club of the world’s leading industrial nations.

Another important reason for Italy’s partnership at the AUTUMN 2008 is the long-standing cooperation between the International Fair Plovdiv and Italian business organizations, including the partnership with Milan Trade Fair launched in January 2008 by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two exhibition centers. The major objectives of the cooperation are exchange of expertise and know-how, organization of joint events, support in the implementation of joint economic and public projects between the municipalities of Plovdiv and Milan, which have become twin cities in May 2008.